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Why you might want to keep your business Virtual!

Updated: May 19, 2020

There are many reasons why you might want to consider keeping your business virtual, and if the pandemic of 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we are adaptable and pragmatic and that we are all very capable of working from home and thriving at it too!

As a VA, working from home is nothing new to me (I work remotely with the majority of my clients, helping them with their administrative tasks and Bookkeeping) and then with recent media coverage of Twitter allowing its staff to continue remote working if they wish, I thought I would highlight just some of the benefits in keeping your business virtual or at very least semi-virtual in the future.


This might sound self-explanatory at first but it's an important one to mention as there are so many costs involved running an office, some that might seem small in the grand scheme of things, but all add up in the end. So the biggest expense is probably your office space itself, with more people able to work remotely you might be able to consider downsizing. With fewer people working in the office you will also find that costs for stationery, printing, comfort snacks/drinks and possibly even Insurance would all be reduced.

Not only are there cost savings for you as the employer but the employee could also benefit to the tune of about £5,500 year, with reduced childcare costs, no expensive work lunches or trips to the vending machine, Commuting costs (such as fuel, wear and tear on your vehicle (or even public transport costs)and even the cost of their time can be taken into account.


Ok so this one is a little bit harder to visualise at the moment with many of us having to home school and entertain children but when normality resumes and the kids are back at school it is so much easier to get those tasks done without the distractions of the office, constant phone calls or the hearing about what Barbara got up to at the weekend! Plus if you do need to make a call, how much easier is it to hear and think without the buzz of the office environment all around you! A 2018 study by Indeed showed that 57% of remote workers surveyed said they were more productive when working from home.

Creating your own working environment can also increase productivity, so if you work better facing a window, you can, if you find facing a window distracting, then don't. Prefer to stand whilst working, get yourself a standing desk and a high stool, or perhaps you prefer a kneeling chair or working from the sofa.


Flexibility was one of the key reasons for me to create a virtual business. A virtual business offers you more flexibility when it comes to your working environment and your working hours. Work from home in your kitchen, garden, home office space, or even in your bedroom if that's what works best for you and then when you feel the need to have that interaction with other working professionals or you need a change in scenery, there are loads of coworking spaces available now and most of them offer a pay as you go scheme so you only pay for the day. Work at night instead of the morning. Decide what makes you the most productive and do it. This will ensure your virtual business thrives as your employees are working when it’s most productive for them.


Have you ever looked to fill a role in your business only to find that perfect candidate lives too far away from the office? With remote working imagine how large an applicant pool you'll have! The World is literally your oyster as geographical location will never be a restriction. You can have the pick of the crop! You wouldn't even need to worry about having that candidate travel for an interview as with the growth of applications for video conferencing and cloud-based software it couldn't be easier to stay connected to your team.


It's been proven in studies that employees that have the option to work remotely are often happier in their roles, often have far less sick days, and usually, work longer hours. Creating that work-life balance starts with flexible working options. Providing employees with the choice to work where and when they like, employers can expect to see at least a 10% rise in employee retention. The study also stated that 86% of people believe that working remotely alleviates stress and generally improves mental health and well being.

Remote working looks as though it's not going anywhere soon and the benefits to both employer and employee are enormous. It would be sensible, if not wise for businesses to incorporate a remote working strategy to enhance their corporate objectives in this new era of working life. If you would like to find out how partnering with a remote freelancer like myself can benefit your business and what services I can provide click here!

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