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  • Lyndsey Lee

Random Acts of Kindness

Today marks National Random Acts of Kindness Day.

I'm not going to post some special offer or give something away for free today. No, because Kindness is something I have always tried to live by and have tried to instil into my kids regardless of it being a nominated day. I'm not saying I haven't said hurtful things in the past (of which I regret) or done something I'm not proud of. I'm human after all. I'm by no means perfect.

At Christmas, my sister and I took my eldest along to the a&e department of a local hospital to pass out treats to all the staff working over Christmas day & took chocolate boxes to a halfway home. Last week I helped an elderly lady pick up her shopping she dropped whilst loading her car. I've even rescued a lady that broke her leg whilst out walking her dogs, she was laying in the road in the rain and the ambulance was going to take a further 2 hours to get to her. I drove her to the hospital and stayed with her until they took her to x-ray, this was days after dad passed away.

The other day my eldest came home from school and said another pupil was crying so she went over to them and wrapped her arms around their shoulders and ask what was wrong. She found out that another pupil had said something nasty, and after telling a teacher, my daughter invited this child to play with her and her friends and said if ever that other child felt sad again to come and find them.

I'm not telling you all this for some kind of praise or for you to tell me what a lovely person I am far from it! I wanted to show that kindness shouldn't be saved for "one day". Kindness should be something we show others EVERYDAY. We should teach by example the younger generations what it means to be kind to one another.

Maybe just maybe there will be a future where kids don't call each other nasty names or pick on them for wearing something different. Teenagers will think twice before taking a knife out with them, adults will stop hurting ones they are supposed to love both physically and emotionally and maybe just maybe people who think the only way out is suicide will turn to someone and say I need help.

For anyone reading this I want you to know, I'm here and my kettle is always on.

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