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  • Lyndsey Lee

I Carried A Watermelon

“I carried a Watermelon” a quote from one of the best films in history (in my opinion anyway). As I write today’s post this quote came into my head. I think it’s because I thought about all those entrepreneurs and small business owners who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders striving to achieve business perfection. Many business owners' strive for perfection but is perfection realistic?

A perfectionist would stubbornly try to do everything themselves, unable to release any of their tasks due to fear of losing control, when the sensible thing to do is ask for help. Aiming for perfection can hold a business back as well as be the leading cause for procrastination in the workplace as it causes someone to feel overwhelmed by trying to achieve the unattainable. If you were to ask the person next to you, “is it possible to be perfect” most would say “nobody is perfect”, and reality is there is no such thing as a perfect person or a perfect business. The fact of the matter is there are somethings we are good at and somethings we are not.

I had worked for small businesses in the past and saw first-hand the stress and the anxiety the strive for perfectionism brought upon directors. It’s, for this reason, I became a VA, knowing I can help someone achieve what they want to achieve. The art of delegation has its roots in perfectionism by accepting that perfect is not possible. Richard Branson once stated that “doing the best we can is admirable but be aware of your limitations. A VA is an expert in their field as much as you are yours.

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