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50+ Tasks you can Outsource to your VA

Updated: May 4, 2021

As your business begins to grow, you may find yourself struggling to keep up with all of the daily, or weekly administrative tasks you need to do. You find yourself trying to be ALL things and do ALL things for your business. Instead you should be concentrating on what really matters and what makes your business unique.

In NO time you will find yourself stuck on a slippery slope, doing 10+ hours a day just working IN your business and not ON your business.

When deciding what tasks to Outsource, have a look at what things you do, day in and day out. What tasks are repetitive? Make a list of all the tasks you do in a set period, maybe a week, or a month even. Then take this list and split it into three categories:

  1. THINGS YOU HATE DOING - This one is very simple - these are the essential day-to-day, monotonous tasks you dislike doing in your business, such as bookkeeping or replying to emails.

  2. THINGS YOU CAN'T DO YOURSELF - Think Website building, SEO Management or Graphic Design. Would outsourcing these essential elements to someone 'In the know' save you productive time doing what you do best?

  3. THINGS YOU SHOULDN'T BE DOING - Ask yourself if you should be doing this task. Does it create Revenue? Once you have mastered this mindset of what you should and shouldn't be doing, you will see an exponential change in your business. Remember we want you to be working on what really matters to your business!

Below, I have compiled a simple list of 50+ tasks you can easily outsource to the VA of your choice. Outsourcing to a VA is not only a massive time saver for you, but also enables you to focus on creating further revenue for your business. VA's often work out the cheaper option verses employing someone full time. You only pay for the hours spent doing the tasks you need. There are no taxes. No sick pay. No holiday entitlement owed. Being Self Employed, the VA will take care of all of this themselves, just like any other business owner.

So here it is! 50+ tasks you can outsource to your VA.

  1. General Administration

  2. Diary Management

  3. Letter Writing

  4. Report & Documentation Creation

  5. Bookkeeping

  6. Transcription

  7. Email Marketing (Newsletters, Bulk Emails) - Mailchimp; Mailerlite; Aweber

  8. Online Form Building

  9. Social Media Graphics

  10. Social Media Content

  11. Social Media Scheduling - Hootsuite; MeetEdgar (Affiliate Link for MeetEdgar)

  12. Social Media Page Set up

  13. LinkedIn Management

  14. Facebook Page Management

  15. Twitter Page Management

  16. Instagram Page Management

  17. Course Creation on platforms like Teachable or Kajabi

  18. Webinar Presentations

  19. E-Resource Creation

  20. Automation systems

  21. Subscription Management & Reconciliation

  22. Community Management for your Facebook Memberships

  23. Data Entry

  24. Database Cleansing

  25. Database Management

  26. Research

  27. Logging Enquiries

  28. Lead Qualification

  29. Lead Generation

  30. Proposal Writing

  31. Event Management & Event Support

  32. Inbox Management

  33. Order Processing

  34. Invoice Processing

  35. Raising Quotations & Estimate

  36. Project Management

  37. Copy-writing for Websites

  38. Copy-writing for Blogs

  39. Reaching out to website owners for Back-links to your site

  40. Advanced Excel Work

  41. Listing Products on your Web store or external platform.

  42. Translation of Documents

  43. Provide Customer/Client Support

  44. Notation & Minute taking

  45. Moderating & Scheduling Video Conference Calls (Co-Hosting! ensuring people are on mute, recording, facilitating breakout rooms)

  46. Converting, merging and splitting of PDF files

  47. Preparing induction manuals for new staff members

  48. Creating and sending out greeting cards; invitations; thank you notes

  49. Corporate gifting organisation

  50. Proofreading documents and other office materials

  51. Launching and Maintaining cloud computing accounts (DropBox; OneDrive; GoogleDrive)

  52. Podcast uploading and transcription

  53. Producing content marketing material, such as Infographic, Whitepapers, eBooks

  54. Creation of Company 'How to' Guides and other industry related materials

  55. Designing logos, ebook covers, headers, icons and other graphic elements

Depending on your business needs, the list is endless. Just remember not all VA's have the same experience. You need to look for a VA that has the skill set you need to move your business forward in the way that you want it to.

I know that letting go of elements of your business is daunting. You feel like you wont be in control if you pass things over to another person. You worry that the VA won't be reliable or will not work to your budget. What if they then subcontract the work out.

Firstly, no professional VA will subcontract ANYTHING out without your prior approval and consent. A good VA will be very reliable. They are professionals in their field and won't risk losing clients, or damaging their reputation in the industry by producing shoddy work, or practicing dodgy and underhand practices.

Secondly, According to a survey conducted by, 93% of VAs are female. She is usually married with children and often educated to a higher level. Normally working full time in and on their business every week, maintaining 1 to 7 clients regularly, and the majority do not subcontract out. Those that do will state that they subcontract from the start and will offer you a discovery call with their associate VA.

If you are looking to grow your business at a cost effective rate then a VA is a great example of how to do that. Keeping you focused on what really matters to you and your business.

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